ChipWhisperer® is the ultimate toolchain for embedded hardware security research. A combination of open-source software, hardware, documentation and training gives you the ability the master hardware security problems.

The objective of the ChipWhisperer® project is nothing short of revolutionizing the entire embedded security industry. Every engineer/hobbyist who needs to use encryption in their design should be able to perform a side-channel attack, and understand the ramifications of such an attack on their product. The open-source nature of the ChipWhisperer® makes this possible, the objective being to engage the research community at large, while providing a low-cost reference hardware.

Getting Started with the ChipWhisperer

Not sure where to start? Head over to our Wiki page to see the full write-up. To download the latest software, please go to the GitHub. If you want to just follow along, a ChipWhisperer-Lite should be all you need. If you want to attack more targets, you might need some of our probes, targets or other accessories. You can see them all in the online store.

Capture Hardware Versions

There are currently four commercial versions of the capture hardware. These are shown below; 

  • ChipWhisperer Nano
  • ChipWhisperer-Lite
  • ChipWhisperer-Lite 2-Part Version
  • ChipWhisperer-Pro

ChipWhisperer Nano

The ChipWhisperer Nano is our latest release in the ChipWhisperer series. The ChipWhisperer Nano is an ultra low-cost platform for side-channel power analysis & voltage fault injection.
It is primarily designed for power analysis demonstrations and training programs. It is also available as a module without a target for integration onto a target board, as one option for ChipWhisperer-Enabling your development platforms.
It has the following features:

  1. ADC capable of sampling up to 20 MS/s, using either external clock (synchronous to device) or internal clock (both synchronous and asynchronous).
  2. ADC hardware trigger uses rising-edge input and starts sampling on first device clock after trigger line going high, samples for user-configurable length.
  3. STM32F030 target for loading example code onto, including a programmer built into the ChipWhisperer-Nano.
  4. Crowbar based VCC glitching, approx 10nS resolution on glitch width and offset (glitch offset from trigger with up to 200nS jitter).

ChipWhisperer-Lite (CW1173)

The ChipWhisperer-Lite is a complete package for exploring how side-channel power analysis and glitching attacks work against the included target device. There are two available options, the ChipWhisperer-Lite Classic with the 8-bit XMEGA target, or ChipWhisperer-Lite 32-bit ARM target. For additional documentation please see our Wiki page.

ChipWhisperer 2-Part Version

The ChipWhisperer 2-Part Version simplifies connecting external targets to the ChipWhisperer-Lite by breaking out the required IO connections, no soldering needed. This makes it easier to connect to other boards (such as our UFO Target Board and Artix FPGA Target Board). The 2-Part Version uses high-quality 30-um plated gold 20-pin connector + Molex plated gold SMA connectors on the NOTDuino board itself, and cost-sensitive flash gold connectors on the XMEGA target board. The 2-Part Version includes the 20-pin connectors + 2x SMA cables to reconnect boards.

ChipWhisperer-Pro (CW1200)

The ChipWhisperer-Pro (CW1200) is an upgraded version of the ChipWhisperer Lite capture hardware. The Pro includes an FPGA with much more space than the Lite, allowing many new features to be added, including a larger sample buffer, streaming-mode captures, additional trigger methods, and a touchscreen interface. These features make it a high-end device suitable for laboratory use.
Compared to the Lite/2-part version the ChipWhisperer-Pro features:

  • 98K-sample buffer (compared to 24K-sample with CW-Lite).
  • Streaming mode for almost unlimited capture (>10M/sample) when sampling at 10MS/s or slower.
  • Trigger on analog pattern (SAD match).
  • Advanced I/O trigger (trigger on UART, SPI).

Please see the Wiki for additional details.