NewAE has a variety of hardware tools for embedded security & general electronics work, including development boards, measurement solutions, and more!

ChipWhisperer Capture Hardware

ChipWhisperer is our flagship product, and encompasses more than just a piece of hardware. It’s a complete open-source toolchain devoted to side-channel power analysis and glitching attacks. You can see more over at the ChipWhisperer page.

Analog/RF Measurement Equipment

As part of our ChipWhisperer project, we also have tools which you might find useful for all sorts of general development. For example we have H-Field probes (useful in EMC troubleshooting), differential probes, and more! For now see our products in the webstore to access the list of tools.

We also make an open-source ADC module called the OpenADC, which is an open-source ADC front-end for FPGA boards.