We have created a variety of probes and adaptors to support our main ChipWhisperer tool-set.

Differential Probe

The most basic method of measuring the power usage of a device is doing so by measuring the single-ended voltage across a resistor. Single-ended means we have a probe connected to one side of the resistor, and a common ground connection. But besides just measuring the drop across the resistor, you will also measure any variation in the power supply. This could be due to the regulator, environmental noise, or voltage variations from other areas of the circuit switching.

Rather than use a single-ended probe, a differential probe ignores that variation in voltage that is common to both sides of the resistor, also called common modevoltage. The measurement is now only the voltage drop across the resistor.
For further information see our Wiki and our Webstore.

Low Noise Amplifier

The LNA provides a simple amplifier for connecting equipment such as the H-Probe to the ChipWhisperer, or other devices such as oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers. As the inputs are AC-coupled, it can also be used to amplify the signal from a resistive shunt for connection to a regular oscilloscope.
For further specifications on the LNA, see our Wiki or our Webstore.

H-Field Probe

A low-cost Magnetic Field (H-Field) probe with SMA connector, mates onto our Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) for a nice complete probe. These are basic probes which have been made using planar construction, and include mounting holes.

This is an update from our previous NAE-HPROBE-01, and is the recommended product. The new design is more repeatable, easier to mount, and easier to interface with cables due to use of male SMA connector. Includes SMA F-F for direct connection to LNA, or cable for longer connections.
See the Wiki and our Webstore for further information.

Probe Power Supply (CW503)

The CW503 provides a handy power supply for both the differential probe and the LNA. Multiple probes can be connected to a single power supply. 
Further instructions can be found on our Wiki and our Webstore.

Advanced Breakout Board (CW506)

The CW506 is our “Advanced” breakout board – this board provides voltage translators to make it easier than ever to interface a variety of targets using our standard 20-pin header. It also adds loads of test points, SMA connectors for high-speed signals, DIP switches to enable/disable some of the IO, and connections for use with a standard bench PSU.
Translates the 3.3V output of the ChipWhisperer 20-pin header over a range of 1.5V to 5.5V, allowing you to interface with most embedded targets you’ll come across.
This board can be used both to interface the ChipWhisperer 2-Part version to other targets, and to interface external equipment to our target boards such as the CW305 Artix FPGA target.
See additional details at our Wiki and our Webstore.