Get probing! The ChipWhisperer CW308 UFO board is the ultimate starting point for side-channel power analysis attacks.
The CW308 UFO Board is a convenient main-board for attacking all sorts of embedded targets. Released in 2016, it forms the basis for most of our upcoming target boards. It can be used stand-alone (with an oscilloscope) or with ChipWhisperer-Capture hardware. Be sure to see the Wiki page and our Webstore for full documentation. The CW308 puts all the standard requirements onto one board (such as power supplies, oscillators, filters) allowing you to make super-simple target victim boards. CW308 features:

  • 1.2V, 1.8V, 2.5V, 3.3V, and V-ADJ (1.25V – 3.5V range) power supplies.
  • Oscillator driver with crystal socket to allow use of most 2 or 3-pin crystals to drive target device or ChipWhisperer.
  • On-board LC low-pass filter to provide “clean” power supply for resistive shunt measurement.
  • Diode protection on I/O lines to allow voltage glitch insertion on target with less risk to connected devices.
  • Soft-start on input power to avoid disconnecting ChipWhisperer-Lite USB when switching power on/off

Current target boards available;

  • ESP32
  • 87C51 (PLCC44 Package)
  • Intel D2000 (x86 microcontroller)
  • MPC5748G (PowerPC, Automotive)
  • Spartan 6 LX9 FPGA
  • STM32F0 (ARM Cortex M0, 128KB flash, 8KB sram)
  • STM32F1 (ARM Cortex M3, 128 KB flash, 8KB)
  • STM32F3 (ARM Cortex M4, 256KB flash, 40KB sram)
  • STM32F4 (ARM Cortex M4, 1MB flash, 192KB sram)
  • STM32F2HWC (ARM STM32F2 w/ hardware AES)
  • STM32F4HWC (ARM STM32F4 w/hardware AES)
  • STM32F3AUTO (ARM STM32F3 w/ CAN Transceiver)
  • STM32F4AUTO (ARM STM32F4 w/ CAN Transceiver)
  • XMEGA (8-bit RISC)