A quick note with some updates for you. First off – our contest submission site is (finally) online! You can submit your entry at https://goo.gl/forms/WRNz2AyWTfWANemj1 . The form will close on November 30th (see contest rules). We look forward to what you can show off with ChipWhisperer!

ChipWhisperer 5

Our ChipWhisperer 5 preview is also active too – you can download a virtualbox image that is setup and ready to go! See it at https://github.com/newaetech/chipwhisperer/releases/tag/5.0.0alpha – you’ll find that it now allows you to perform tutorials via your web browser. It’s still in alpha status so we’re busy updating documentation, but we’re using it for our current training and thus appears to be stable. There is a few new tutorials present in this release – including a Hamming weight demo, a TVLA test, and more.

Production Delays and Backorders

You might have noticed our growing backorder list. We’ve been excited to have growing demand but it’s outstripped our current capability – we’re growing our team and bringing a new production site up. It’s not an immediate solution, but are hoping to have a number of orders shipped onward to Mouser for mid-December. Once the new production site is fully up and running we should be back to our regular quick shipments, but you can always contact us for details of the current estimated shipping times.

We appreciate your patience – we know this backorder can be frustrating and are working to get products out to you as soon as possible!

ChipWhisperer-Nano & Looking for EEs

And as one last note – we’ve got our ChipWhisperer-Nano’s back from the production run! We’ll be running the tests on them and stocking them shortly, but our focus on the production backlog has delayed introducing new products. We’re also looking for an electrical engineer to join our team, they will need to be local here in Halifax. But if you’re interested see the posting at newae.com/jobs and please get in touch with us!