Welcome to NewAE News! The quick summary of this issue: we’re running our training in Silicon Valley in November, we’ve extended the ChipWhisperer contest deadline due to popular demand, you can win an all-access pass to ArmTecCon ($999 value), and we’ve got the cheapest side-channel platform yet coming soon. Let’s get to it.

November Training Event

We’re doing another training event with the HardwareSecurity.Training crew – this time in Redwood City, CA. We’ll have our four-day training class (split into two 2-day classes) covering both side-channel power analysis and fault injection.

Our 4-day event uses a more complete hardware platform, as it includes our ChipWhisperer Level 1 kit. This lets us perform attacks across a several hardware platforms, and is not limited to only attacking the target built into the ChipWhisperer-Lite. For more details check out the agenda for the fault injection and side channel power analysisaspects of the course. If you take both courses, you’ll get hands-on experience with hardware cryptography modules, bypassing fuse bits, and the interactive environment

And as a special bonus – register with code newaenews to get 10% off our existing discounted early-bird rates. As in previous events, we’ve got a great set of talks to keep you entertained. See them at https://hardwaresecurity.training/talks/ as they are announced. The prices increase October 29th, so register soon to get the best value.

ChipWhisperer Contest in Full Swing, but Extended a Month

We’ve had a lot of interest in ChipWhisperer contest, and talked to a number of people preparing entries. As the original deadline draws near we had some concern that they wouldn’t have time for the final entry – so we’ve decided to extend the deadline a month until Nov 30th. Plus this gives those that won the early bird prize sufficient time to prepare their entry.

We’ll be posting the page at https://newae.com/contest with a link to contest rules and entry form – in the meantime you can see the existing details & summary of rules.

ArmTechCon & Win an All-Access Pass

We’ll be at ArmTechCon next week! We’ll have our brand new ChipWhisperer-Nano to give away along with a variety of demonstrations for your enjoyment. Plus – we’re excited to announce that our ChipWhisperer-Lite 32-bit edition we released this year has been selected as a finalist in the 2018 Arm TechCon Innovation Awards in the category best contribution to IoT security! Speaking of the ChipWhisperer-Lite 32-bit edition, we’re in the middle of updating the wiki getting the remaining tutorials running on it. You might notice for example that now the Clock Glitching tutorial works with this board!

Do you want to check out ArmTechCon yourself and join in the fun? You can wander the expo hall for free, but we’ve got an all-access pass to give away. Submit your name & contact to our submission form for the chance to win – we’ll be drawing later this week.


ChipWhisperer-Lite was our initial low-cost platform for power analysis & fault injection, with the bonus of being fully open source. This meant you could do some pretty serious science with the platform. But what if you just want low-cost for training and tutorials? While we’re always pushing boundaries here, and have been working on an even lower-cost option. Thus we’ve developed the ChipWhisperer-Nano, capable of performing power analysis on the included STM32F0 target. It has very limited VCC glitching capabilties and no clock glitching capabilities.

Expect some additional examples and demos soon – we’ve seen impressive performance so far, being able to easily break various real crypto implementations thanks to the unique synchronous sampling architecture. We don’t have final pricing but are aiming for a $50 solution, with additional discounts in higher quantities (think classroom packs). Rather than buy a textbook that can only teach the theory of cryptography, why not have a complete hardware solution to teach how to break cryptography on real devices?

New Forum Coming

We plan on updating our forum software to Disqus in the coming months. It shouldn’t cause any problems (we can transfer content & accounts), but may have some downtime during the transfer. In case you reach a landing page instead of the forum that is what happened. We’ll be doing a trial transfer before the final switch to ensure all content and accounts aren’t lost.

That’s all we’ve got going on for now – watch out for updates on ChipSHOUTER final release, ChipWhisperer-Nano release dates, and more updates to the ChipWhisperer software in the next newsletter. Hope to see you in San Jose next week at ArmTechCon until then!