NewAE is Having a Contest!

Announcing the first (hopefully annual) ChipWhisperer Hardware Hacking Contest. Do you like ChipWhisperer? Power Analysis? Fault Injection? Then you could be our big-time winner, with almost $10K in prizes available!

Grand prize is our brand new ChipSHOUTER EMFI platform:

You’ll need to publish a project using ChipWhisperer, or an extension to ChipWhisperer to be eligible. Entries close November 30, 2018 (EXTENDED). We are going to be looking across three broad categories, with examples of possible projects below:

  1. Attack or Tutorial
    • Demonstrate an attack on a crypto algorithm or implementation we haven’t covered (ECC, SHA, etc) with a tutorial.
    • Replicate an existing research paper using ChipWhisperer.
    • Build a great tutorial you think is missing, post it on the new open wiki.
    • Build a stand-alone demo that uses ChipWhisperer but isn’t integrated into the software.
  2. Software Addition/Improvement
    • Add a new feature to ChipWhisperer software such as trace processing, new attack models, etc.
  3. Hardware Addition/Improvement
    • Make a new CW308 Target Board, and add firmware support.
    • Add a fpga/firmware improvement to the ChipWhisperer-Lite.
    • Build a new FPGA example for the CW305 board or S6LX9 board.

Projects may fall between categories – no problem! We don’t require you to submit to any specific category, but will be using the categories to award prizes. Prizes can be substituted for “NewAE Store Credit” – if you already have a ChipWhisperer-Lite for example, you can instead get some new targets for your UFO Board (up to $250) or just credit towards something larger.

  • Grand Prize (across all categories): ChipSHOUTER Kit (1 prize total).
  • Gold Prize (Best project in each category): ChipWhisperer Level 2 Kit (3 prizes total).
  • Honorable Mention: ChipWhisperer-Lite (6 prizes total).

Don’t have a ChipWhisperer? We are also running a special “early bird contest” which closes August 30, 2018. This contest has the same general objectives, but rewarding partial progress and interesting ideas. You can submit a small patch or improvement to this contest, get a ChipWhisperer-Lite hardware, and then perform a more advanced entry with your updated hardware.

  • Best Early Bird: ChipWhisperer Level 1 Kit.
  • Honorable Mention Early Bird: ChipWhisperer-Lite (6 prizes total).

How to Enter

Entry will be by an online form. You will be required to submit the following along with the form:

  • A write-up of your work.
  • Links to code, documentation.
  • Links to commits, documentation edits, etc.

How to Build Code & Documentation

When it comes time to “submit” your work, we want to make this as easy for others to use as possible. There are two methods we will ask you to use when submitting work:

  • Make a git repo. This is easily done by cloning ChipWhisperer on GIT and making changes there.
  • Add documentation to the wiki ( – you can now create a user account, we will have to manually enable editing for you. Once you create an account email so we can activate it and know you aren’t a spam bot.


Q: Can I enter work I did previously?

A: We don’t have a limit on when the work occurred, so if you have some old work using ChipWhisperer now is the time to finish documenting it and submit to the contest!

Q: For the “early bird prize”, do I need working demos or am I submitting an idea?

A: The “early bird prize” will give preference to fully working submissions.

Q: Can I submit an updated project from the early bird prize to the full entry?

A: YES! That is the idea of the early bird prize – you might have some partial results already.

Q: Can I submit something different to the early bird prize and the full entry?

A: YES! You can use the early bird prize to get hardware which you then use in a full submission.

Who Can Enter?

The ChipWhisperer Hardware Hacking Contest (the “Contest”) is open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, Canada (excluding Quebec), the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Japan, India, South Africa, and wherever else the Contest is not prohibited or restricted by law. The Contest is not open to residents of Quebec, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, or any jurisdiction where the Contest would be restricted or prohibited by law including all countries sanctioned by the Government of Canada. Participants must be at least 18 years of age (or the local age of majority where they live, if higher) at the time of entry.

Full contest rules will be available at time of submission.