It’s happening! ChipSHOUTER is being released to production, which means we are pre-ordering to get people in line for shipments. The kit comes not only with our ChipSHOUTER, but with the Ballistic Gel EMFI target, a simple EMFI target, and adapters for connecting to ChipWhisperer + other lab gear:

You can see all the details on the pre-order page on the webstore. For all the technical details, you’ll want to check out the user manual, or see the GITHub repo including the Ballistic Gel + Simple EMFI target design. Now as a special pre-order deal, if you pre-order we have a limited edition “remote trigger” switch that will get shipped to you:

Pre-orders will ship before final release of Oct/2018 – initial shipments are expected next week, but there will be a delay due to Black Hat + DEF CON.

Catch us at Black Hat, DEF CON, and More

Heading to Black Hat? DEF CON? Colin will be running his training course (still some last-second room), plus will be talking about our new open-source ChipWhisperer-Lint tool. In addition there is an arsenal talk/demo of the latest ChipWhisperer platform. Stop by to say hello – we’ll be trying to throw a few ChipWhisperer-Lite’s into the crowd too if you attend!

While we don’t have any “official business” at DEF CON, Colin will be around. Catch him on twitter to say hello! We’re going to try and organize an impromptu ChipWhisperer meet-up, check @newaetech on Twitter for details of that when it’s posted.

And if you’re heading to Cyber Auto next week, Colin will be teaching some students about power analysis & fault injection that they might have a chance to use on real systems. Later on we’ll be at the CHES conference too!

Finally we’ll be at CHES again this year – we’ll have ChipSHOUTER setup along with the rest of our embedded tools. We’ll have our decks of cards to give out and lots of new demos, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

Upcoming Trainings

We’ve got some more trainings coming up – full details will be in the next newsletter, but check for details. Our next date will be in Redwood City, CA on November 26-29, 2018. Talks and guest trainings are still to be announced.